I literally took my first steps in fitness when I started walking a mile to and from school while in high school to try to shed some extra pounds. That feeling I got just from moving started a positive snowball effect to a healthier and stronger lifestyle. I soon started to lift weights and eventually join the wrestling team. 

I continued my fitness journey when I joined the United States Marine Corps. While deployed in Iraq, I was in charge of the remedial physical training program of my fellow Marines, this is where I decided to start a career in helping people get better through fitness and wellness.

After my time in the Marines, I joined the National Personal Training Institute and became certified as a personal trainer. Over the last decade, I have worked with an array of client to improve their fitness and reach their goals. My career has led me to work with national fitness chains as well as local communities through the Chicago Park District.

That first step of walking only two miles a day led to a lifelong passion with fitness. I look forward to helping you find your own relationship with a healthy lifestyle.